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XRP Lawyer Slams 'Fake Satoshi' Craig Wright for Historical Blunder
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Craig Wright, famously known for his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto, recently faced scrutiny from XRP lawyer John E. Deaton, for what he perceives as historical inaccuracies and blatant falsehoods.

Craig Wright’s alleged historical blunder

Deaton’s rebuke surfaced in a recent post on X, where he called out Wright’s credibility. “Clearly CSW is lying through his teeth,” Deaton asserted. “If he was Satoshi, he would remember sending the first Bitcoin ever sent to Halfin. Which also means: he isn’t a very good liar.” 

This sharp rebuke follows a contentious exchange during a legal proceeding where Wright claimed to have sent Bitcoin to “hundreds of people” as Satoshi but failed to provide a single name when pressed by a judge.

Wright’s credibility has been further eroded by recent legal setbacks. The U.K. Supreme Court’s denial of his appeal in a libel case against Peter McCormack, where he was awarded nominal compensation of 1 GBP, underscores the judiciary’s dismissal of his claims to Satoshi’s identity. Despite his persistent assertions, the court refused to validate Wright’s self-proclaimed status as the Bitcoin creator.

Subsequently, Wright pivoted to a new legal strategy, focusing on asserting ownership of intellectual property related to Bitcoin. He initiated lawsuits against developers maintaining the open-source code, aiming to establish control over crucial aspects of the cryptocurrency’s infrastructure. However, his efforts have met resistance, with legal analysts suggesting that his tactics may backfire, particularly in light of mounting evidence challenging his authenticity.

Wright’s legal victories

Despite these setbacks, Wright scored a legal victory in his battle with Cobra, a prominent Bitcoin developer known for maintaining 

In a ruling last year, Wright secured a permanent ban on Cobra and from distributing information about the Bitcoin whitepaper in the U.K. This outcome represents a tactical win for Wright but does little to substantiate his claims of being Satoshi.

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