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With more than 150 million registered users and a massive trading volume of over $65 billion (as of September 2023), Binance is one of the most in-demand crypto exchanges today. 

If you are contemplating using this app to trade bitcoins, this article will be highly insightful. 

Why choose Binance for trading bitcoins? 

Binance offers an easy-to-use interface, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, tools for advanced traders, and high liquidity. 

Pros of Binance: There are several reasons why Binance is popular with traders of all levels. Here are a few.

High liquidity: A big advantage of Binance is its high liquidity. Binance has a lot of users, so most cryptocurrencies are liquid. When there is liquidity, trade execution is fast, and spreads are tight.

Cost-effective: The Binance Coin (BNB) fees are determined based on your trading volume and Binance Coin (BNB) holdings. These fees help boost trading profitability.

Security measures: The Binance platform has two-factor authentication, whitelists for withdrawals, and cold storage. The platform audits security regularly and upgrades systems as needed.

Intuitive UI: Traders of all skill levels can trade spots, futures, and margins with intuitive order types and advanced charting tools. Traders can stay up-to-date anywhere with the Binance mobile app.

Resources for education: There are tons of tools available on Binance to help you improve your trading skills. Users can learn about cryptocurrencies through tutorials and videos to make informed trades.

Cons of Binance

Some of the potential drawbacks of this app would be –

Limited support for fiat currency: Binance currently only supports limited fiat currencies and is primarily focused on cryptocurrencies. Some people prefer to trade in traditional currencies, which can be problematic.

Customer service: The Binance customer service team has been criticized for their slow response times. It frustrates users who need immediate help or encounter technical problems.

Binance safety features for trading Bitcoins

Binance is highly reliable, which is also one reason for its tremendous popularity. It ensures bitcoin trading security by implementing –

Stringent regulatory and compliance measures: As part of its commitment to regulatory compliance, Binance has implemented several measures to ensure legal requirements are met. They operate in multiple jurisdictions and have all the licenses and registrations. So, the platform makes trading Bitcoin safer.

Account security: Several security features can be used to protect your Binance account. The extra layer of security comes from the requirement to enter a unique code along with your password. Users can also get email and SMS notifications for account activity to monitor and detect any potential unauthorized activity.

Asset security: Most funds are stored offline in cold wallets that cannot be accessed online, so Binance uses advanced security measures. This reduces hacker risk and theft. Binance also enhances asset security with encryption protocols and multi-signature technology.

Insurance and compensation: Traders on Binance get extra protection from this fund if they get hacked. This insurance fund is not guaranteed to cover all losses, so users should exercise caution.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Binance?

After creating your account on Binance, just follow these basic steps to buy bitcoins 

  • Verify your identity – Binance has to do Know Your Customer (KYC) to comply with regulations. When you click “Verify Now,” you must provide ID proof.
  • Deposit funds – After you verify your Binance account, click “Wallet” and choose the cryptocurrency (in this case, Bitcoin). Click “Deposit,” and you are ready to go.
  • Order your purchase – After you deposit, go to the “Exchange” tab and pick “Basic.” Choose a Bitcoin pair (e.g., BTC/USDT) and enter the amount. Click “Buy” when you are done.
  • Monitor and manage your Bitcoin – When you place your buy order, you can track its progress under “Open Orders.” Once your order is filled, Binance will send your Bitcoin to your wallet.

How to Sell Bitcoin on Binance? 

The following steps outline how to sell Bitcoin on Binance –

  • Binance account login – Select the “Wallet” tab. Click on the “Withdraw” button to sell your cryptocurrency (in this case, Bitcoin).
  • Select a withdrawal method – You can withdraw on Binance with bank transfers, credit cards, and third-party platforms. Just enter your wallet address or bank account number.
  • Enter the sale amount – Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want, and Binance will calculate the price based on the current market rate. Review the transaction details and click “Sell”.
  • Verify the transaction – Binance may ask you for additional verification steps, like two-factor authentication or email confirmation. You need to follow the directions.
  • Getting the funds – After you confirm your Bitcoin sale, the funds will be transferred to your withdrawal method. It might take a while to get your money.

How to cash out your bitcoins on Binance?

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Using Binance P2P – You can directly trade bitcoins with other users on the Binance P2P marketplace and exchange them for your choice of local currency.
  • Using the Buy/Sell crypto page – You can convert bitcoins into cash using Binance’s buy/sell crypto page also. This is the simplest method to cash out your bitcoins; the cash will be debited to your wallet or debit/credit card depending on the options.
  • Using Binance Convert – This feature allows you to trade your bitcoins into other cryptocurrencies

Trade Bitcoin on Binance?

Bitcoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy today mainly because it has a very high return potential. While it has a limited supply, it looks like a good investment at present. And it is getting increased acceptance everywhere – Tesla and PayPal accept the cryptocurrency now. So bitcoin’s gradual integration into mainstream financial systems makes it even more valuable.


Overall, Binance is a reliable and secure way to trade bitcoins. It uses security measures like two-factor authentication and encryption protocols, making it a trustworthy platform in the crypto world. Still, users should be cautious and follow safety practices to keep their assets protected.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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