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AI crypto startup yPredict gains traction with its unique analytics and $YPRED token presale. Image bNuthawut, Adobe Stock.

A new crypto startup called yPredict has been attracting attention from top crypto analysts who are quietly loading up on the project’s native token, $YPRED. But what exactly is yPredict and why are analysts so interested in this relatively unknown token?

yPredict is leveraging advanced AI technology to provide crypto analytics, trading signals, price predictions, and other trading tools. At the core of the yPredict ecosystem is the $YPRED utility token, which provides access to the platform’s premium features.

Despite its unique technology, yPredict has flown largely under the radar since launching its public crypto presale several months ago. Behind the scenes, however, some of the top names in crypto have been steadily accumulating the $YPRED token ahead of its full launch.

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Gateway to AI-Driven Crypto Analytics and AI-Powered SEO Tool

yPredict’s core platform focuses on using AI and machine learning to analyze enormous amounts of market data. According to the project’s whitepaper, this enables yPredict to identify trends and patterns, leading to valuable insights and trading signals.

The crypto startup recently unveiled a beta version of its platform, with plans to roll out trading signals, sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, and other advanced tools. Users can join a waitlist for access to the beta platform.

Additionally, yPredict launched Alt_Pump_001, a model designed to pinpoint overlooked altcoins primed for exponential growth. Available via monthly subscription over $1000 per month, Alt_Pump_001 is free for presale buyers who purchase a minimum of $500 in $YPRED tokens.

yPredict’s other valuable offering is its AI-powered backlink estimator tool. The tool seeks to transform SEO strategies by predicting the ideal backlink profile needed to rank target keywords.

Initially launched as a free preview, the backlink estimator saw over 5,000 requests in the first 24 hours alone. Following this immediate success, yPredict made the tool available to the public at a rate of $99 per query.

yPredict now offers unlimited free access to the backlink estimator for those who purchase $YPRED tokens through the ongoing presale event. This perk has quickly driven interest in the token, with yPredict’s presale now approaching $4.7 million raised as investors scramble to get in early.

The Power Behind The Crypto Startup: The $YPRED Token

$YPRED is an ERC-20 token that will operate on the Polygon blockchain, prioritizing speed and security.

The native token allows access to yPredict’s paid services like the platform itself and Alt_Pump_001. Holders can utilize yPredict’s free price prediction features at no cost beyond owning the token.

$YPRED’s staking rewards bring further utility to the platform. yPredict has structured tokenomics to allow for sustainable staking yields over time.

In terms of availability, 80% of the total supply is up for grabs during the ongoing public presale event. The remaining 20% is allocated to liquidity, the treasury, and development.

This approach decreases the risk of a potential rug pull, contributing to analysts’ bullish outlook on $YPRED. In fact, popular YouTuber Michael Wrubel recently stated he is “bullish” on yPredict due to its fair token distribution.

Demand Heats Up As Presale Nears Finish Line

With its roadmap and unique tokenomics, yPredict has caught the eye of veteran analysts in the industry.

These analysts likely see the potential in yPredict’s offerings, especially its AI-powered crypto analytics tools. The platform could provide a major edge for investors while also democratizing access to advanced trading technology.

With the presale nearing completion, analysts are making their moves and quietly loading up on $YPRED tokens before the public catches on.

Once the presale sells out, which could happen in a short time, analysts expect $YPRED to launch on exchanges at a higher price. This would allow for major profits in their early positions.

While the analysts make their moves in private, everyday crypto investors still have a chance to acquire $YPRED at the presale rate. But with 80% of tokens available in the presale, the window of opportunity is closing fast.

Those looking to access yPredict’s wealth of tools would be wise to research this hidden gem sooner rather than later.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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