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October’s crypto rally made crypto presales more popular, making them a potentially profitable addition to your investment portfolio for higher returns in November and beyond.

Crypto presales are popular because they allow investors to buy crypto assets at reduced prices, which can lead to higher profits in the future.

Given the abundance of appealing options, how do you make the best decision?

This simple guide aims to help you determine the cryptocurrency that’s most suitable for your current investment and assesses the leading cryptocurrencies with potential for growth in November and beyond, considering their various applications.

The 3 best crypto ICOs to invest in November and beyond

In the past week, the cryptocurrency market has been surging, with coins like Solana up 36% and Bitcoin rising 28% to $35,651, leading to a bullish sentiment in the presale market, including new crypto projects that are on presale and offer the potential for 5x returns in 2024.

To navigate the current market conditions effectively, it’s advisable to create a well-rounded investment portfolio comprising a variety of crypto assets. In this review, we delve into some of the top choices.

Meme Kombat

At the top of our list is Meme Kombat, a new meme coin initiative that incorporates AI and stake-to-earn (S2E) mechanics in decentralized gaming. It provides both active betting and passive staking choices, enabling users to earn rewards through multiple avenues.

In the current presale, $MK tokens are available for purchase at $0.183, with the presale having already gathered over $1.1 million. Meme Kombat’s platform features outcome-based wagers, crypto staking, and Web3-based meme gaming, making it a distinctive and innovative project in the realm of popular crypto trends.

Central to the Meme Kombat ecosystem is a unique staking system where long-term token holders can passively earn an 112% annual percentage yield (APY), with the income influenced by both the staking duration and platform engagement.

In addition to staking-based passive income, users can also use $MK tokens to bet on the outcomes of battles involving 11 meme characters within the Meme Kombat arena. Check out our price prediction for Meme Kombat.

Meme Kombat’s tokenomics are structured to support its meme, staking, and wagering ecosystem, with 50% of the total token supply allocated to the presale, 30% for staking and battler rewards, 10% for community incentives, and 10% for decentralized exchange liquidity.

In summary, Meme Kombat is a pioneering crypto project that sets itself apart by merging blockchain, AI, and memes in an exciting manner, and you have the flexibility to choose your preferred cryptocurrency for investment, including USD, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, among others.

Invest in $MK at


One of the most promising new cryptocurrencies right now is TG.Casino ($TGC), thanks to its substantial staking rewards during the presale and additional incentives in its casino. TG.Casino is another presale option worth exploring, having already raised over $1.6 million and priced at $0.15.

This global casino platform, accessible through the Telegram app, is backed by a Nevada verified license, ensuring both credibility and security, and notably, it doesn’t require users to go through a KYC process. Check out our TG.Casino price prediction post.

$TGC, the native token, provides access to various benefits and staking opportunities within the casino, with specific game rooms exclusively reserved for $TGC holders. There’s a total supply of 100 million $TGC tokens, with 40% earmarked for the ongoing presale, ensuring ample market liquidity.

Additionally, 20% goes to the liquidity pool, 20% for staking, and 10% for affiliate marketing. The online casino plans to repurchase $TGC tokens using a portion of its profits, with 40% of these repurchased tokens being burned to stabilize prices and the remaining 60% distributed as rewards to staked token holders.

The casino offers a wide range of options, including thousands of slots, live dealers, and sports betting. It allows for anonymous crypto deposits and offers a 200% matched first deposit for new players, along with a 25% cashback on weekly losses for $TGC users.

Investors interested in the $TGC presale can receive exclusive NFTs and post-launch rewards with a minimum investment of $5,000. Additionally, the $TGC token provides attractive staking rewards, currently delivering an impressive APY of over 311.37%.

Invest in $TGC at

Bitcoin Minetrix

Our top cryptocurrency choice right now is Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX), a stake-to-mine digital currency that’s making cloud mining more accessible. It has raised over $3.1 million in the presale and is priced at just $0.0114, offering a staking APY of 183%.

Bitcoin Minetrix plans to tokenize cloud mining and simplify the process. By holding $BTCMTX, the native cryptocurrency, investors can stake their assets and earn passive income. The platform will utilize equipment from cloud mining companies, reducing costs for individual miners.

When you stake your tokens in the ecosystem, Bitcoin Minetrix rewards you with cloud mining credits. These credits, represented as non-tradable ERC-20 tokens, can be exchanged for Bitcoin cloud mining power within the platform. By burning your credits, you gain access to a portion of the mining revenue.

This innovative approach aims to address the issues of scams in third-party cloud mining companies. Out of a total supply of 4 billion tokens, 70% are evenly distributed across twenty presale rounds. Take a look at our price prediction for Bitcoin Minetrix.

Additionally, 42.5% of $BTCMTX tokens will fund Bitcoin mining operations, 35% will support marketing and $BTCMTX growth, 12.5% is allocated for $BTCMTX staking rewards until the development of the Bitcoin Minetrix cloud mining platform, and 10% goes towards community rewards for active project participation.

TG Casino is also planning an airdrop event called “Minedrop,” which will give away $30,000 worth of $BTCMTX tokens to 10 lucky participants. This event is designed to generate interest in the TG Casino project and give potential users a chance to try out staking and mining firsthand.

To take part in the presale, kindly visit


New Crypto Mining Platform – Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin MinetrixBitcoin Minetrix
  • Audited By Coinsult
  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now – BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards – Over 100% APY

Bitcoin MinetrixBitcoin Minetrix

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