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The Empire State Building Reveals NFT Rewards + More NFT News

Source: Dalle-3

Top NFT news today, February 14, 2024: One of New York’s most famous landmarks, the Empire State Building, offers its own NFTs, Pandora records a staggering $190M trading volume in a single week, and Artprice will launch its proprietary AI with a place for NFTs in its marketplace.

NFT Market Data

The non-fungible token (NFT) sales volume has seen a nearly 6% increase over the past 24 hours to $37,256,730.

Buyers are up almost 6%, sellers 2%, and transactions 3.6%, according to CryptoSlam.

When it comes to the top ten collections by the sales volume, we see that Pandora has kept first place with $5.9 million, despite an 11% drop.

Transdimensional Fox Federation is in second place, with $1.12 million and a 14% drop.

Blueprint Positions NFT saw the highest increase over the past day: a whopping 316,290.57% to $890,513.

At the same time, the highest decrease was 31% by CryptoPunks to $653,899.

Today in NFT news: New York’s most famous building offers its own NFTs, Pandora records a staggering $190m trading volume in a single week, and Artprice will launch its proprietary AI with a place for NFTs in its marketplace.

The Empire State Building Introduces Ambassador Program With NFT Rewards

The famous New York landmark, the Empire State Building (ESB), announced its new ambassador program for locals who host guests in New York City, USA, and fans of its Observatory Experience.

Per the press release, visitors earn points in the loyalty program for each ticket they buy on the ESB website for the 86th and 102nd Floor Observatories. They can redeem the points for complimentary experiences and collectibles.

Each new member of the Ambassador Program will receive a custom Empire State Building NFT upon signup.

Additionally, members will receive additional custom NFTs for each tier they achieve. These collectibles are developed and distributed in partnership with Uptop and feature the “World’s Most Famous Building” against an Art Deco backdrop in the tier-specific metallic tone.


The exclusive NFTs serve as a digital keepsake and a key to unlock personalized rewards.

The collectibles live on the blockchain in “a no-hassle, easy-to-use wallet,” the website said.

Visitors who join the Ambassador Program and have purchased tickets on or after February 1 will automatically receive points and the new member NFT for their last purchase retroactively.

Points and status acquired remain until redemptions and do not expire.

Pandora Records a Whopping $190M Trading Volume

Topping NFT news rounds today, the now famous ERC-404 token Pandora recorded $190 million in trading volume just a week after it was launched, according to data from blockchain analytics firm

Additionally, Nansen Product Marketing Manager Journey Li tweeted that a wallet funded by Amber Group bought 109 Pandora, which amounted to about $1.96 million at the time.

Meanwhile, Pandora has seen its fully diluted valuation jump to over $320 million within a week of deployment, the report shared with Cryptonews said.

Furthermore, as of February 13, Pandora’s total trading volume of $190 million comprises transactions on both decentralized exchanges (DEXes) for ER-C20 and NFT marketplaces for ERC-721.

“Differentiating between the volume of DEX and NFT trades poses a challenge,” it stated. That said, the majority of ERC-404 transactions are DEX trades.

Source: Nansen Report

Additionally, of the 5,681 NFTs, 50% are held by wallets that have retained their tokens since the initial purchase without selling – a “quite impressive” rate for a new project.

Meanwhile, numerous projects have been released utilizing the new ERC404 “standard” since Pandora’s launch. “This trend indicates the industry and market participants have favorably received the concept of a native liquidity for hybrid token standards.”

Nansen shared a table highlighting projects released after Pandora’s launch on February 2. Three have traded more than 10,000 ETH in volume since their launches, and another 12 projects have traded over 1,000 ETH.

Source: Nansen Report’s Artprice to Launch Its Proprietary AI

In other NFT news, Artprice will introduce its own Intuitive Artmarket AI to the Art Market later this year.

According to the press release, among other things, Intuitive Artmarket will calculate the values of artworks based on an analysis of past sales. It will also be able to anticipate future fluctuations, including for unique works.

Also, among many new service projects in 2024 for the clients, the team plans to link Intuitive Artmarket with the Standardized Marketplace. The latter was created in 2005 and offers over 77,000 artworks at a fixed or biddable price.

They will also link the Intuitive Artmarket to all of Artprice by Artmarket’s databases.

Contemporary artists, particularly artists creating NFTs, will be able to offer their works for sale on the Standardized Marketplace with higher probabilities of reaching buyers.

“Bearing in mind all the underlying parameters and data, Artprice is the only platform on the global market that can deal effectively with the certification of primary issues of Art NFTs in an environment of cryptocurrencies alongside the major international currencies,” said the announcement.

As for collection management, Intuitive Artmarket will update the value of the collection in real time. It will take into account the latest auction results and project trends with expected results.

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