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PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland – SwissGold Crypto AG, a Swiss-regulated crypto issuer, introduces a novel solution to the wealth preservation challenge in times of inflation and uncertainty: gold-backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Gold’s enduring stability, in contrast to depreciating fiat currencies, has made it a trusted wealth preserver for centuries. Following the US President’s 1971 decision to abandon the gold standard, major fiat currencies have suffered substantial devaluation, with the dollar losing as much as 97% of its value against gold.

As inflation rates rise, interest in alternative assets such as gold and cryptocurrencies has surged. While cryptocurrencies are volatile, gold remains a stable and reliable refuge in times of crisis, hyperinflation, conflict, or natural disasters.

Gold used as a crisis insurance should be physically allocated, as the paper gold market, which is many times larger than available physical gold, can lead to shortages during crises.

SwissGold Crypto AG offers a secure and flexible means of gold ownership and trading by placing gold bars of all sizes on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs are backed by physical gold bars and can be purchased for as low as $60 for a 1-gram gold bar.

Notably, SwissGold NFTs come without storage fees, and token holders can redeem their NFTs for the physical gold bars they represent at any time. SwissGold NFTs also feature the corresponding gold bar’s serial number and a metaverse-compatible 3D representation for virtual display.

To acquire SwissGold NFTs, visit, where various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are accepted. The gold is stored securely in Switzerland’s high-security vaults, ensuring peace of mind.

SwissGold’s gold-backed NFTs offer a pragmatic alternative for preserving wealth in uncertain times, benefiting from Switzerland’s stable and secure economic environment.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Carole Hofmann

About SwissGold Crypto AG:
SwissGold Crypto AG is a Swiss-regulated crypto issuer based in Zug, Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, specializing in gold-backed NFTs. SwissGold offers a secure and flexible avenue for individuals to own and trade gold in a digital format, backed by physical gold bars. For more information, visit




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