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Ethereum Layer 2 network Starknet has allocated 900M STRK tokens to an airdrop rewarding past and present users’ contributions.

Starknet, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 network, has announced plans to allocate over 1.8B STRK tokens across multiple initiatives aimed at driving the adoption and growth of the ecosystem.

The move comes after a screenshot of a STRK airdrop eligibility page was leaked on social media last week.

In the initial distribution, 900M STRK has been allocated to reward past and future contributions by users and community members. Starknet said it would release more details about the airdrop soon.

In addition, Starknet has dedicated another 900M STRK tokens for user rebates. This initiative seeks to reward users for their transactions on the network, which is the ninth-largest L2 with approximately $160M in total value locked (TVL).

Starknet TVL
Starknet TVL

DeFi Incentives

Starknet has also set aside an initial 50M STRK tokens for on-chain incentives. Led by the DeFi Committee, the program aims to boost liquidity, volume traded, and overall growth of the DeFi landscape on Starknet. The committee is nearing the end of its research phase and expects to move on to execution and deployment in Q1 2024.

Starknet also plans to announce a new incentive mechanism for developers and decentralized applications on the network in the coming week.

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