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Shiba Inu’s Shibarium network has introduced a new “Donate” feature

It is designed to provide a straightforward way for users to financially support the non-profit validators that play a major role in maintaining the network’s efficiency and security. 

Empowering validators 

The “Donate” feature on Shibarium provides a mechanism for users to financially support the network’s validators. 

These validators can now receive contributions directly from users. 


The process involves selecting a validator from the list provided on the Shibarium platform and choosing the amount to donate.

The top Shibarium validators 

Shibarium currently operates with 12 validators. The five largest validators, in terms of staked amount, are ShibArmy America with 5.2 million BONE, Unification with 4.9 million BONE, ShibArmy Europe with 2.9 million BONE, Ryoshi Labs with 1.7 million BONE, and ShibArmy Asia with 1.6 million BONE

Validators are essential in verifying transactions and upholding the integrity of the blockchain ledger. 

They are compensated for their services with rewards proportional to their stake, shared among all participants. 

The number of validator slots is capped at 100. On top of that, each validator is specifically required to stake a minimum of 10,000 units of BONE.

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