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Shiba Inu’s Shytoshi Kusama ignites movement to unify SHIB influencers across media channels

Shytoshi Kusama, the leading figure behind the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency project, has called for a unified effort among SHIB influencers and content creators.

With a nod to the decentralized nature of the platform, Kusama’s call to action aims to consolidate the promotional efforts of various independent operators across multiple media channels.

Kusama stressed the importance of coordination and the sharing of contact information to bolster the community’s cohesiveness and amplify the project’s reach and influence.

Uniting Shib army

Kusama’s message to the “Shib Army” is clear: Come together and streamline the way the cryptocurrency is represented online.

This initiative is expected to bring more structured communication and joint strategies among the influencers who operate Shib-related media outlets.

Kusama has laid out initial steps that involve influencers confirming their administrative control over Shib-branded accounts and providing basic contact details. Further plans, according to Kusama, will be revealed in due course.

This move is seen as an attempt to increase the efficiency of their community outreach, and potentially, to strengthen the branding and marketing of the SHIB ecosystem.

Kusama’s vision

On Telegram, Kusama has been actively engaging with the community over the past few weeks, expressing optimism about the state and direction of the Shib ecosystem. He believes that there is some room for growth in utility, breadth and depth.

With this forward-looking attitude, Kusama encourages the community to rise above fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) and to embrace the visionary aspect of their endeavors.

In a more philosophical vein, Kusama shared an allegorical story drawing parallels between a Shiba Inu finding a temple of wisdom on an untrodden path and the journey of the Shib community.

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