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In a recent article, Ripple giant presented the award winners of XRPL Grants Wave 6, who presented high-potential Web3 fintech projects based on the XRP Ledger.

The panel of RippleX experts picked 22 projects with groundbreaking ideas out of early 129 submissions and will let them share a $1.3 million prize, which will support their further development. These projects were reviewed by experts from various areas – Web3, DeFi and others.

The winning projects have dealt with 14 clear use cases in the fintech industry, some of them focusing on NFTs, education, GameFi, Developer Tooling, AI, Sustainability, etc.

As the year started, RippleX also provided $2.6 million in rewards to the teams of 25 chosen XRPL-based projects. The same was done on a regular basis throughout the year as RippleX chose new winners of its initiative to support groundbreaking projects that want to build on XRP Ledger.

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