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The ORDI price has surged by 32% in the last 24 hours to trade at $41.5 as of 4 a.m. EST, while its trading volume increased by 11% to $744 million.

With a surge of 117% in the past week, ORDI is surpassing the overall growth of the global cryptocurrency market, which stands at 10.1%.ย 

The token also outshines similar BRC-20 cryptocurrencies, exhibiting an increase of 81.2%.

ORDI Price Breaks Above Falling Wedge

ORDI Price Chart Analysis. Source: Tradingview.comORDI Price Chart Analysis. Source:
ORDI USDT Chart Analysis. Source:

ORDI Price Prediction

ORDI shows a recovery from a prolonged consolidation phase, bouncing back strongly from the $4.8 support level.ย 

Despite the corrective phase from the resistance level at $27.8 to $19.26 support, the bulls seem resilient, initiating a bull rally above the falling wedge and reaching a new all-time high at $45.8 before the short corrective phase.

The relative strength index is also bullish, indicating a rebound at 54 above the neutral level to trade at 81 in the overbought region.

The Bulls aim to surpass the $45.8 resistance, paving the way for a new peak in 2023. However, if the corrective phase sustains, the bulls might face losses, potentially leading to a price drop to $27.8 support.

If you missed the ORDI bull rally, consider getting involved with BTCMTX tokens that may have a 100% potential return on investment.

BTCMTX Presale: Price Hike In Less Than Three Days

Bitcoin Minetrix is gaining significant traction in the cryptocurrency community, drawing attention from investors with its groundbreaking cloud mining feature.ย 

The BTCMTX presale project is rapidly gaining momentum, serving as a potential entry point for numerous individuals to join the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing easy and direct access to Bitcoin mining.

The presale has already raised over $4.7 million, close to the $5.46 million soft cap. The $BTCMTX token price, currently valued at $0.012, is set to increase in less than three days.ย 

Bitcoin Minetrix boasts a secure and user-friendly design, making Bitcoin mining accessible to a wider audience.ย 

The roadmap includes securing listings on crypto exchanges, and launching multimedia marketing campaigns.

Get BTCMTX, Stake, Win In $30K Minedrop Airdrop

You can stake your BTCMTX tokens to generate passive income through the stake-to-mine program, boasting an annual yield (APY) of 127%.ย 

With over 327 million tokens staked, the result of mining 158.5 blocks per ETH, you can stake now, as the APY is expected to decrease as more tokens are staked.

Bitcoin MinetrixBitcoin Minetrix

You also have the opportunity to join the $30,000 minedrop airdrop competition, allowing you to engage with Bitcoin Minetrix and win $3,000 each.

Cilinix Crypto, a crypto trader and YouTuber known for identifying low-cap crypto presales with significant growth potential, predicted BTCMTX could have more than a 100% return on investment.

To purchase BTCMTX tokens, link your digital wallet to the BTCMTX website and buy the tokens using ETH, USDT, BNB, or your bank card.

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Bitcoin MinetrixBitcoin Minetrix

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