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Welcome to the CryptoSlate Alpha November Snapshot, a collection of the month’s most pivotal research, insights, and market reports. This content, central to understanding the evolving crypto landscape, is available exclusively to our subscribers who stake at least 20,000 ACS tokens in our Access Protocol pool on Solana.

This edition delves into the challenges and opportunities awaiting the crypto sector in 2024. Our key report, “Crypto’s Crucial Year: Overcoming 2024’s Regulatory and Economic Challenges,” examines how the industry prepares for regulatory shifts and economic uncertainties, especially in the context of the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

We also present an in-depth analysis of prominent layer-1 blockchains like Solana, Avalanche, and Cosmos and explore the implications of BITO’s performance for the future of Bitcoin ETFs. Additionally, our insights cover the intriguing phenomena of yield curve inversions and their impact on crypto markets.

Our research articles highlight significant trends such as the declining ETH/BTC ratio, shifts in Bitcoin’s market dominance, surges in Solana’s user engagement, and the resilience of Bitcoin at critical price points. We also analyze the repercussions of Binance’s recent SEC fine and its influence on futures trading.

Join us in exploring November’s critical developments in the crypto sphere. With CryptoSlate Alpha, you’re always one step ahead.

November α Market Reports

November α Research Articles

November Top α Insights

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