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The global crypto market capitalization slid further in the last 24 hours to $1.4 trillion. It marks a marginal 0.78% dip from the records on Monday. Nevertheless, the market maintains its good shape without obstructing the next cryptocurrency to explode.

Within the same 24 hours, the overall trading volume across the crypto market rose to $62.2 billion, surging significantly by 29.87%. Decentralized finance contributed $6.62 billion to the 24-hour crypto market volume, representing 10.65%. Additionally, stablecoins’ trading volume reached $54.8 billion, constituting 88.10% of the total crypto market volume within the past day.

Bitcoin presently dominates the market at 51.08%, reflecting a marginal decline of 0.13% over the day. The market capitalization is expected to recover after intensive trading.

Crypto heatmapCrypto heatmap

In Japan, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ), Shinichi Uchida, emphasized the bank’s strategy to foster conditions for increasing prices and boosting wages by enhancing corporate profits and household incomes rather than relying on cost-push inflation during a session at the parliament’s upper house committee on financial affairs on Tuesday.

In the recent October 30-31 meeting, the BOJ adjusted its yield curve control (YCC) policy tool, redefining 1% on the 10-year yield as a flexible “upper bound” instead of a rigid cap, allowing some leeway on long-term interest rates.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Kazuhiro Masaki, the director-general of the central bank’s monetary affairs department, expressed confidence that despite the upward pressure on long-term interest rates, the BOJ does not anticipate the 10-year yield to surpass the 1% mark notably.

1. Bitget Token (BGB)

The present value of Bitget Token (BGB) stands at $0.547545, coupled with a robust 24-hour trading volume totaling $31.27 million. This marks a notable surge of 13.07% in the last 24 hours and a 15.72% increase in the past seven days. The current market capitalization for Bitget Token, with a circulating supply of 1.4 Billion BGB, is valued at $767.15 million.

BGB price chartBGB price chart

Regarding historical performance, the peak value achieved for Bitget Token (BGB) stands at $0.583922, recorded approximately 6 hours ago on Nov 13, 2023, representing a marginal 6.06% dip from the all-time high price. In stark contrast, the lowest point in the token’s history was registered at $0.01427950 on Jun 25, 2020, over three years ago, making the current price a substantial 3,741.50% higher than this record low.

The fully diluted valuation of Bitget Token (BGB) is estimated at $1.10 billion. This valuation projection represents the theoretical maximum market capitalization, assuming 2 Billion BGB tokens are in circulation presently. However, the realization of this valuation might span multiple years, contingent upon the emission schedule of BGB tokens.

Analyzing its performance against peers, Bitget Token (BGB) has displayed a commendable increase of 15.80% in the past seven days, surpassing the overall growth of the global cryptocurrency market of 4.70%. Additionally, it has outperformed similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which have seen an upsurge of 12.70%. BGB is racing to be the next cryptocurrency to explode.

The market sentiment toward Bitget Token (BGB) is predominantly bullish, with over 69% of users expressing positivity and confidence in its performance today.

2. Maker (MKR)

As of the latest update, Maker (MKR) is trading at $1,414.05, exhibiting a substantial 9.19% surge in the last 24 hours, with a total 24-hour trading volume amounting to $136.76 million. Over the past seven days, Maker has demonstrated a solid increase of 7.62%. The current market capitalization for Maker stands at $1.28 billion, considering its circulating supply of 900 Thousand MKR tokens.

MKR price chartMKR price chart

In Maker’s historical performance, its peak value sits at $6,292.31, recorded over two years ago on May 03, 2021, which marks a considerable 77.39% drop from the current price. Conversely, the lowest point in Maker’s history, spanning three years, was $168.36 on Mar 16, 2020. The present price is notably 744.95% higher than this record low.

The asset’s fully diluted valuation is currently at $1.38 billion. This estimation reflects the maximum market capitalization in a scenario where the maximum number of 1 Million MKR tokens is circulating. However, the realization of this valuation might extend over multiple years, depending on the emission schedule of MKR tokens.

Regarding its performance against peers, Maker (MKR) has showcased a 7.60% increase in the last seven days. This surpasses the overall global cryptocurrency market’s growth of 4.80%. Moreover, compared to similar Polygon Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, Maker has experienced a surge while similar tokens in this ecosystem have maintained a stable position, showing a 0.00% change.

The current sentiment within the community towards Maker (MKR) is bullish. Over 83% of users expressed positive sentiments about its performance and ability to become the next cryptocurrency to explode.

3. Frax Share (FXS)

As of the latest market update, Frax Share (FXS) is priced at $7.56, showcasing an impressive 13.06% surge in the last 24 hours and a 15.77% increase over the past seven days. With a circulating supply of 75 Million FXS tokens, the current market capitalization of Frax Share stands at $566.82 million.


Reflecting on Frax Share’s historical performance, its peak value stands at $42.80, attained almost two years ago on Jan 12, 2022. The present price marks a significant 82.36% decline from this all-time high. Conversely, the lowest point in Frax Share’s history was $1.50 on Jun 25, 2021, over two years ago, depicting a remarkable 402.14% surge from this record low.

FXS price chartFXS price chart

Regarding the fully diluted Frax Share (FXS) valuation, the current estimation is $750.71 million. This valuation represents the maximum market capitalization projection, considering a scenario with 100 Million FXS tokens in circulation. This valuation might span multiple years based on the emission schedule of FXS tokens.

Regarding its performance relative to its peers, Frax Share (FXS) has exhibited a robust 15.60% increase in the past seven days, surpassing the overall growth of the global cryptocurrency market, which stands at 4.90%. Additionally, compared to similar Polygon Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, FXS has shown upward momentum, while similar tokens within this ecosystem have maintained a stable position with a 0.00% change.

The prevailing market sentiment toward Frax Share (FXS) is mainly bullish. Over 62% of users are optimistic about the token’s performance and expect it to be the next cryptocurrency to explode.

4. TG.Casino (TGC)

The soaring success of the TG.Casino presale is driven by the immense potential offered by the TGC token. Integrated seamlessly into the TG.Casino platform, this token has sparked renewed interest owing to an exclusive cash-back incentive. While it allows betting with leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and stablecoins such as Tether (USDT), those utilizing the TGC token enjoy a unique advantage—a substantial 25% net cash-back on losses. This enticing feature encourages greater demand for TGC and safeguards high-risk bets, offering a protective layer for your bottom line.

Crypto gaming enthusiasts swiftly gravitate towards the TG Casino platform, capitalizing on this unique advantage. However, the perks of TGC extend beyond the cash-back and security measures endorsed by an entire KYC team. Early adopters of the token can further capitalize on their investments through an appealing staking mechanism.

This staking opportunity offers competitive variable yields, boasting an impressive 266% APY. By staking TGC, participants become part of the revenue generation cycle within the TG.Casino platform. This revenue-sharing program runs hand in hand with TG.Casino’s buy-back initiative. Recycled tokens are allocated to a burn mechanism, accounting for 40% of the repurchased tokens, while the remaining portion is distributed among a growing community of stakers. The allure of this high-yield staking model has attracted significant attention, with a notable 78.72% of the circulating TGC supply currently secured in staking vaults. Profits have already commenced flowing in, as early stakers have received a total distributed share of 3,565,330 TGC in staking rewards, valued at $552k.

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