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Infowars Host Alex Jones Lost 10,000 Bitcoin in Max Keiser's Quiz

Alex Jones, host of Infowars, failed to answer a quiz of five questions that would have allowed him to recover 10,000 bitcoin he lost in a laptop over ten years ago. International journalist and Bitcoin enthusiast Max Keiser asked five questions on Bitcoin and its operation, of which Jones answered none correctly.

Alex Jones Fails Max Keiser’s 10,000 Bitcoin Quiz

Alternative journalist and Infowars host Alex Jones lost the opportunity of regaining a 10,000 bitcoin gift that international journalist and Bitcoin enthusiast Max Keiser gave to him more than ten years ago. Keiser convened to allow Jones to recover this gift by answering a five-question Bitcoin quiz. However, Jones failed to answer even one of these questions correctly.

The questions that Keiser asked Jones were, in order:

  • How many total bitcoin are there ever going to be in existence?
  • How often does the difficulty adjustment adjust?
  • What’s the core hashing algorithm called?
  • How often, on average, do new blocks appear?
  • Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto?

Keiser showed frustration with Jones’ answers, stating that he had given up on $800 million, while Jones acknowledged, tongue in cheek, that it was better for him to lose this opportunity.

Jones stated:

It’s like people that didn’t win the lottery: I’m glad that I didn’t get the 10,000 bitcoin frankly, I’d probably be dead by now.

Jones received this gift when bitcoin’s price was under $5, but the gift would be valued at more than $350 million today.

Keiser’s Frustration

During the quiz, Keiser repeatedly showed his frustration with Jones’ lack of seriousness, criticizing his lack of knowledge when he was aware he would face this 10,000 bitcoin test.

Keiser said:

During the previous years when you could have been sitting on these 10,000 bitcoin you could have been studying bitcoin, but instead you chose not, and now here we are.

Regarding the last question, Jones assumed it was a trick question, stating that Keiser would not give him 10,000 bitcoin now that its price had gone up so much. But Keiser said anyone reading the news could have answered the fifth question.

He blasted Jones, stating:

Anyone who reads the news would know the answer. That was the easiest question of them all. Look at your desk, it’s covered in piles and piles and piles of news articles, but do you read any of them?

What do you think about Alex Jones’ performance on Max Keiser’s 10,000 bitcoin quiz? Tell us in the comments section below.

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