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Ethereum sentiment is at extreme lows despite an ongoing recovery in the cryptocurrency market. Controversy continues to keep the top altcoin from joining in the fun.

But a rising tide lifts all boats, and Bitcoin’s breakout could have been enough to revive Ether, albeit later than other coins. The recent rise has been enough to put the top-ranked altcoin on the cusp of a long-term bullish crossover. Here’s what the signal means.

Ethereum Readies Monthly Bullish LMACD Crossover

Ethereum price has consistently made higher lows throughout 2023 and since its June 2022 bottom. Nearly 18 months later, ETHUSD is poised for a bullish crossover of the 1M LMACD — the logarithmic version of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator.

This version of the tool is used to better compare historical price movements with current price action. A bullish crossover represents a major momentum shift, made even more powerful due to the crossover taking place right at the zero line in the indicator. Passing above the zero line acts as a secondary signal, showing that momentum has strengthened into bullish territory.

Such a crossover in the past has led to a sustained bull market for Ether and altcoins, especially the DeFi space. The last bullish crossover appeared in May 2020, lasting until a bearish crossover in January 2022 caused a lengthy crypto winter.

Ethereum bullish

Is a major trend change beginning? | ETHUSD on

Domino Effect Could Trigger Triangle Breakout, Revisit ATHs

The bullish crossover in the LMACD is not confirmed, but a breakout of the 1M On-Balance Volume (OBV) indicator could hint at the eventual outcome. OBV is called the “smart money” indicator, able to help traders spot moves early by tracking subtle changes in volume.

All of these signals point to a possible breakout from an ascending triangle pattern that ETHUSD has been trading in for nearly 18 months. The target of the chart pattern projects Ethereum price revisiting all-time highs, making a breakout especially meaningful.

If Ether joins in the ongoing bullish price action next to Bitcoin and other altcoins, it could provide more breadth necessary for a dramatic crypto bull run.

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