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Elon Musk Reveals New Anti-AI Bot Measure, Ripple CTO Reacts
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David Schwartz, chief technology officer at the Ripple Labs blockchain behemoth, has criticized tech tycoon Elon Musk, as the latter intends to roll out a new policy against AI bots on X.

In the meantime, the DOGE community seems to have supported Musk – at least some of its members.

Ripple CTO criticizes Elon Musk

The X boss commented on a recent post from the @xDaily account. The post revealed that, in the near future, new users on the X platform will be charged a small annual fee before they can start replying to posts made by others, liking or bookmarking them.

Musk confirmed that he sees this as the only measure against current AI bots and troll farms, since they can now pass the “are you a bot” test easily, he believes. Musk also mentioned that bots and fake X accounts are taking a lot of good names for handles in the namespace. He did not mention whether the new policy will solve this problem, at least in part.

David Schwartz commented on Musk’s explanation, clearly showing his disagreement. The high-ranking Ripple executive and XRPL cofounder has recently been accusing Musk of suppressing free speech on X, contrary to his earlier statements.

This time, the Ripple CTO claimed that Elon Musk is introducing measures to censor lawful speech on the X platform “just because it’s annoying,” adding that Musk is going to “change the fundamental dynamics of the site to make it possible.”

In late March, Elon Musk’s X lost a case against CCDH for publications that had slammed X Corp with criticism. X Corp plans to file an appeal to the court in this case. The Ripple CTO criticized Musk for filing this lawsuit in the first place, rebuking him for violating his own principles of permitting free speech.

DOGE community supports Musk’s initiative

Several Dogecoin accounts supported Elon Musk’s anti-bot measure. They tweeted that it would be a good idea to let new X users pay the aforementioned fee in Dogecoin rather than in fiat.

While the community continues to hope that Musk will soon implement DOGE payments on the X social media network, the tycoon himself never mentioned this after purchasing Twitter for $44 billion.

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