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The Celsius price has experienced a 4.4% jump in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.2711 as of 8:40 pm EST.

The Celsius trading volume jumped 76.5% in the last 24 hours to $3.38 million, bringing its weekly performance to a 23.9% gain, following court approval of a restructuring plan that will give clients the opportunity to recover their money in Bitcoin and establish a new business that Celsius’s creditors will control.

Investors rushed into the CEL trades, which caused the price to rise 36% from its consolidative stage support zone of $0.11.

Celsius Price Poised To Reach New Highs

Celcius PriceCelcius Price
CELUSD Chart Analysis. Source:

The price of CEL exhibits a strong recovery comeback as it emerges from a protracted consolidation phase. This breakthrough has launched a bullish trend.

The strong support zone at $0.11 indicates that there may be a long-term bullish trend, providing the required impetus for the bulls to aim for the $0.68 resistance level breakthrough.

The price of CEL has continuously maintained a higher position above the 200-day and 50-day moving averages. This steadiness further supports the bullish viewpoint, as the price of CEL is currently immediately supported by these moving averages. Despite resistance around $0.36, the bulls seem resilient, pushing back the price.

The relative strength index shows an uptrend, rebounding from 39 to 83. Although there is a slight pullback, the general trend for the RSI looks bullish as it bounces again at the 56 level. If the momentum sustains, the RSI could rise above the overbought zone of 70.

Celsius Price Prediction

CEL is poised to exploit new highs as the bulls show resilience, rebounding on the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. With this support, the bulls may find new wings to fly to higher prices, aiming at the $0.69 resistance level.

Conversely, if the $0.36 resistance level remains resilient, the bears might take advantage and correct the price to recoup their losses.

However, investors may want to invest in the presale gambling token TGC, which has surged remarkably in its presale funding, attracting investors through its staking program for lucrative returns.

TG.Casino: Presale Edging Toward $2 Million Milestone

The TGC Presale has had significant success in its presale campaign, which raised $1.831 million, or almost 73% of its original $2.5 million objective. Investors are encouraged to buy their tokens early at the current discounted rate of $0.15 before the price increases, as there is only one day left in the current presale stage.

With the platform’s staking scheme, users can lock up their TGC tokens and earn prizes and rewards in exchange.

Earn Passive Income Through Referrals, 25% Cashback

By referring someone and having them actively engage in the presale via your unique referral link, you stand a chance to win big during the TGC presale, walking away with $5,000.

According to industry professionals and analysts who have evaluated the proposal, early investors may see a 10X return on their money when the project is registered on exchanges. 

Additionally, TG.Casino provides a substantial 25% payback on losses from TGC tokens bets. Users can also benefit from an alluring 284% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). 

Austin Hilton, a YouTuber with over 235k subscribers, has reviewed TG.Casino. He explains why this project is hot for investing early before the whales show up.

To take part, go to the official TG.Casino website, link your digital wallet, and buy $TGC tokens with ETH, BNB, and USDT.

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