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Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao took to X to call Nouriel Roubini “shameless“ for using the Binance logo and name on his website as the legendary economist and crypto critic launched his own crypto token.

“Some people are shameless,” Zhao said. “After attacking Binance publicly on stage a year ago, now issues a token and puts Binance logo on their website WITHOUT permission.”

Roubini, famous for predicting the 2008 global financial crisis and often called “Dr Doom“ for his pessimistic views, is an economist who is behind the Atlas Climate Token (ACT). The project creates a tokenized financial instrument to transform climate finance and promote asset safety.

ACT is promoted as a digital store of value and claims to protect populations in developing countries from the volatility of local currencies.

The Atlas website has already deleted the Binance logo from its main website, but mentions that some team members have previously worked at Binance. Other contributors to the project include Wall Street giants BlackRock and Goldman Sachs.

Roubini Slammed Binance And Zhao

Zhao and Roubini have history and Zhao’s attack on the economist may stems from Roubini’s hostility towards the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

During the November Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2022 forum, Roubini said the crypto exchange was a “walking time bomb” .

In an interview with CNBC Middle East, the economist expressed his distaste after Zhao’s crypto trading firm secured a UAE license as the crypto industry reeled from FTX’s collapse.

The economist also raised questions over Zhao’s failure to say where Binance’s headquarters is located. He described the crypto industry as having “concealed, corrupt, crooks, criminals, con men, carnival barkers, and finally, CZ,” using the initial’s for Zhao’s nickname.

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