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Crypto traders are always searching for the best cryptocurrencies to buy on any given day – we list some high-potential coins in this post.

The trend in the crypto market is slightly different this new week, with the prices of several tokens being forced into stagnation. 

Current trends in the market agree with the assumptions as Bitcoin continues its struggles. The bulls have been unable to force a breakout above the 37k price for many days. 

Heat Map ImageHeat Map Image

Best Crypto to Buy Now

The goal of this review is to identify tokens with explosive growth potential. Also, we feature a special mention of presale tokens on their path to becoming the next big crypto asset. Our mention today is the Bitcoin Minetrix. The article presents a detailed overview of its presale and highlights how investors can benefit from its offer. 

1. Near Protocol (NEAR) 

The value of NEAR has been on the rise since the return of its founder, Illia Polosukhin. The AI innovator is back to champion the development of an Open Web Ecosystem at NEAR, a move that the network believes will position its platform for the coming bull run. 

Near Protocol Price ChartNear Protocol Price Chart

In the last 24 hours, it nearly gained 12.24%, pushing its value from $1.7 to $2.0. The token kicked into its bullish trend late last month and has recorded a value increase of over 104%. Its trading volume has also steadily increased, with over 61% spike in the last 24 hours. Near has established several highs in the recent trends, forcing the asset’s value back into the greens. 

NEAR’s moving averages remain below its current prices, meaning that NEAR may remain bullish for the rest of the quarter. Similarly, its chance of an increased bullish momentum is further strengthened by its trend that’s getting closer to the cycle high. 

Besides its technical indicators, recent partnerships with industry players may equally contribute to NEAR’s potential. Its recent partnership with the South Korean metaverse platform, Zep, and its partnership with Polygon are some recent moves to strengthen its activities in the industry. 

2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) 

The idea behind the Bitcoin Minetrix project positions it as one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies in the industry at the moment. It is out to democratize Bitcoin mining, intending to allow everyday investors to benefit from the coming bull run.

According to its website, the project aims to offer hassle-free BTC mining for the next ten years. Bitcoin Minetrix will achieve its vision by leveraging blockchain technology and cloud computing. The combination of the two puts the control of its offering in the hands of the BTCMTX holders. 

BTCMTX is the native token of the Bitcoin Minetrix. The platform currently offers its token on presale at $0.0117. Investors can fill their bags before the presale reaches its target value of $4,914,737. In 42 hours, the price is bound to go up by a few percent. Its discounted price allows owning the future of mining at a discounted price. 

Additionally, Bitcoin Minetrix features community-focused tokenomics designed to reward holders for trusting the project. It offers 42.5% of the BTCMTX tokens as funds to power its operations. 35% of the total supply goes towards marketing. The platform set 15% aside for community rewards and participation in the project. 

Finally, 7.5% is for BTCMTX staking rewards. Early investors can benefit from the early bird opportunity as the token is still at its lowest price. The token’s price may increase by several folds when it goes live on exchanges, which presents the opportunity to earn significant ROI. 

Visit the Bitcoin Minetrix presale.

3. Synthetix (SNX)

SNX tops the crypto gainers list today. In the last 24 hours, the asset’s price jumped from $3.0 to $3.6, representing over 20% increase in price. Its trading volume is also up by about 120%, putting more pressure on the asset’s price. 

With the anticipation of the launch of Perps V3 brewing across the industry, the price of SNX might climb to $4 by the beginning of the coming quarter. Notably, The past 30 days have pushed the asset’s price up by Over 30%. SNX technical indicators show that the bullish trend may continue unabated as its move averages a trend below its current price. 


Synthetix Price ChartSynthetix Price Chart

Similarly, a basket of indicators applied to its charts indicates neutral and bullish signals. However, there is fear of reversals such as SNX RSI approaches oversold. Notwithstanding, it remains one of the best crypto to buy now based on its potential and the overall performance of assets in the DeFi sector. 

4. Kaspa (KAS) 

Kaspa is one the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the market this year, with over an 1800% price increase. In the last 30 days, Kaspa recorded over 200% price increase, pushing its value above the $0.15 mark. It printed its all-time high on the 19th of the month when it reached $ 0.154845. 

Kaspa Price ChartKaspa Price Chart

Is KAS the best cryptocurrency to buy now? Despite its sudden spike, KAS is declining, with its value down by about 3% in the last 24 hours. Nonetheless, it remains one of the best cryptocurrencies to watch as the market progresses into the halving year. KAS can print $1 in the first half of the coming year. 

Overall, Kaspa is the 16th among the top layer one crypto platforms. Also, its current performance places it above 98% of the top-ranking cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, it has recorded 21 green days in the last 30 days. Hence, its performance makes it one of the top cryptos to watch. 

5. Chainlink (LINK) 

The leading crypto oracle platform, Chainlink, has maintained a consistent price pump as its price climbed by over 100% in the last 30 days. Its LINK is priced at $15.21, 6.6% above its price in the previous 24 hours.

The bulls have kept the token on its growth path, and there are speculations that its price might swing into another round of bullish trends after a $14 retest. 

Chainlink Price ChartChainlink Price Chart

Is LINK the best crypto to buy now? LINK’S performance indicates potential for explosive performance. Its recent trend outperforms 85% of assets in the market. Additionally, its current price is above its long-term EMA. Consequently, the bulls may sustain the rally throughout the quarter. Besides, LINK has seen 67% green days in the last 30 days. 

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