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Finding the best crypto to buy right now is a never-ending task, with dozens of tokens launched on CEX and DEX platforms daily.

The crypto market can be unpredictable, but it often bounces back. It’s important to choose potential tokens to survive these ups and downs. With the market’s ongoing volatility, investors are uncertain about selling to prevent further losses or waiting for a potential market recovery.

Choosing the best cryptocurrency can be tricky since there are so many options. This guide analyses profitable and sustainable cryptocurrencies for well-informed decisions.

Best Crypto to Buy Now

Bitcoin ETFs have amassed a staggering $30 billion in assets, as reported by CoinDesk. This increase in investment shows the growing prominence of Bitcoin in the crypto market. However, some other crypto assets also see significant gains; this article highlights a few. Recent updates to these tokens’ features and offerings might make them among the best cryptocurrencies to buy now.

1. Myro (MYRO)

Myro (MYRO) is turning heads with its recent market surge in market value. The project anticipates substantial growth in the upcoming crypto bull market. Myro is constantly promoted by cryptocurrency influencers on platforms like X.

Its market capitalization has now surpassed $75 million, with community expectations of reaching $100 million soon. The token experienced a price increase, reaching a high of $0.1948. Recent data from CoinMarketCap indicates a remarkable 65.05% increase in MYRO’s value over the past week, bringing it close to a $183.79 million market cap. 

MYRO Price ChartMYRO Price Chart

The token announced on its official X page that it had been listed on Travalacom, a Binance-backed travel agency. With this development, users can book their trip using the MYRO token on the platform. MYRO has potentially breached the $0.1 price level. Myro is positioned to benefit from the growing popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana network. 

The project incorporates gamified features to attract new users, potentially fostering mass adoption in the next bull run. Myro’s price prediction sentiment is bullish, complemented by a Fear & Greed Index reading of 64 (Greed).

Furthermore, 944.20 million out of a maximum supply of 1.00 billion is currently in circulation. Myro holds the 21st position in the Solana Network sector and the 381st position in the Meme Coins sector. Its high liquidity, evidenced by its market cap, further contributes to its standing in the cryptocurrency market.

2. BNB (BNB)

BNB has exhibited resilience in the cryptocurrency market, showcasing a 27.43% surge in 1 month. This performance stands out amidst broader market fluctuations, reflecting positive sentiments towards the overall recovery of the cryptocurrency sector.

In the latest one-day price movement, BNB has shown signs of a bullish trend, with buying pressure pushing the BNB/USD value up to $312.1. Despite recent bearish waves, the market has shifted as bulls have again taken control.

BNB Price ChartBNB Price Chart

Fundamental metrics reveal insights into BNB’s supply dynamics. With a circulating supply of 149.55 million out of a maximum supply of 200 million BNB, the current yearly inflation rate is at -6.52%. This translates to a reduction of 10.42 million BNB over the past year, contributing to a more controlled token distribution.

Furthermore, BNB is trading above its 200-day simple moving average, indicating a positive trend in its price movements. This aligns with its positive performance compared to the token sale price, reinforcing the coin’s market standing.

BNB holds a prominent position. It currently ranks #1 in the Exchange Tokens sector, 1st in the Binance Smart Chain sector, and 3rd in the Layer 1 sector. The coin’s association with Binance further enhances its market presence. BNB’s utility within the Binance ecosystem contributes to its significance, with traders actively engaging in transactions on the platform.

3. Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2)

SPONGEV2 currently boasts a community of over 13,000 holders, with 5,390,882,888 tokens staked. Notably, the project has introduced a Stake-to-Bridge model, allowing a seamless transition to V2 through staking. The market capitalization has surged from $1 million to $100 million, showcasing significant growth.

The distinctive feature of $SPONGE lies in implementing a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, providing users with an additional engagement avenue. The P2E game comes in free and premium versions, enabling players to earn V2 tokens and enhancing the project’s utility.

In the staking model, users can stake their V1 tokens with a minimum annual percentage yield (APY) of about 300%. However, the V1 tokens are locked in for four years, establishing a loyalty reward system to facilitate a smooth migration and build commitment among token holders.

With 150 billion tokens allocated for staking rewards, $SPONGE emphasizes user incentivization, contributing to transparency and trust within the community. Furthermore, the project aims for primary exchange listings and relies on its 30,000-strong community for potential growth. Investors are advised to conduct thorough research before considering involvement with Sponge V2.

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4. Flare (FLR) 

Flare has shown resilience in the crypto market, demonstrating a rally amidst an overall 0.3% dip in the aggregated market capitalization of CoinMarketCap-tracked cryptocurrencies. Flare’s price surged from $0.02056 to $0.0232 on major spot exchanges, accompanied by an impressive 60% increase in trading volume. This positive momentum extends to a substantial 31.47% surge over the week.

FLR Price ChartFLR Price Chart

The driving force behind Flare’s recent upswing lies in strategic partnerships within the infrastructure sector. Primarily, the project secured Google Cloud as a significant infrastructure provider. Google Cloud assumed the roles of a network validator and contributor to the Flare Time Series Oracle on the Flare network.

As a network validator, Google Cloud proposes and validates new blocks to the Flare blockchain. This positions Google Cloud among 100 organizations adopting a dual role as validator and contributor to the FTSO on Flare. The collaborative efforts of these infrastructure providers enhance the Flare network’s security and contribute to Flare’s highly decentralized price oracle.

A significant staking ratio update further fueled excitement within the Flare community. Flare enthusiasts staked almost 1 billion FLR in the past two weeks, a substantial 33% increase. This influx of staking activity underscores the growing confidence and commitment of the community towards Flare’s ecosystem.

5. Pendle (PENDLE)

Pendle has recently been incorporated into Cobo Argus’s lineup of strategy bots. These bots facilitate efficient DeFi operations by executing contract calls and token transfers based on predetermined conditions. This collaboration with Cobo Argus is a move toward enhancing institutional capital efficiency by integrating strategy bots.

PENDLE Price ChartPENDLE Price Chart

Pendle’s market performance shows a 0.40% increase in the last 24 hours. The circulating supply is 238.19 million PENDLE out of a maximum supply of 258.45 million PENDLE. The yearly supply inflation rate is 24.25%, indicating the creation of 46.49 million PENDLE in the past year.

Investors’ sentiment towards Pendle’s price prediction is bullish, with a Fear & Greed Index reading 51, signifying a neutral stance. Furthermore, Pendle is trading above its 200-day simple moving average, further showcasing its favorable market position. In summary, Pendle’s integration with Cobo Argus marks a stride in automating and optimizing DeFi processes. 

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