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PRESS RELEASE. Not too long after the significant v17 release, B2BinPay is advancing significantly to establish new benchmarks in quality. B2BinPay continues its commitment to excellence by introducing a new chapter for the platform with the release of the v18 edition.

This edition makes managing crypto transactions easier by integrating the Enterprise and Merchant models into a single account system. The v18 edition also includes a redesigned front end and elevated regulatory compliance to guarantee safety and improve user experience.

Let’s investigate these intriguing additions and see how they fit into the current digital ecosystem of B2BinPay.

How Account Unification Simplifies Everything

With the release of the v18 version, the most notable enhancement for B2BinPay users is account unification, also known as Merge, which provides an entirely new method of using the platform’s primary functionalities.

This update simplifies the platform by merging the two primary B2BinPay account types—Enterprise and Merchant—into a single, easy-to-use interface. Customers may now handle transactions directly within a single digital system and change features to suit their needs. This invention streamlines every process step while supplying clients with more options, accessibility and control over their on-platform activities. The account merge function provides several fresh possibilities for customers, further enriching the offerings of B2BinPay.

Effortless Administration And Account Creation

B2BinPay has combined the Merchant and Enterprise user accounts to form a comprehensive service centre. Users may now access the capabilities of both service kinds with only one account. This also simplifies the registration process, allowing customers to use B2BinPay’s wide range of services without understanding the intricate details of each type. Businesses may start using B2BinPay services immediately and focus on what matters: their company’s growth instead of wasting time with needless red tape and bureaucracy.

Near-Instant Onboarding

With the v18 update, onboarding has been transformed into a straightforward, one-time procedure. No hidden fees or additional charges will be required. Customers don’t have to worry about extra costs or laborious administrative processes when they want to switch payment providers to accommodate their growing company needs after onboarding. It’s a simple procedure that respects the client’s time and encourages a proactive approach to using the B2BinPay platform.

A brand-New Front-End With Quality-Of-Life Features

In addition to having a smooth user interface, B2BinPay v18 offers a fresh aesthetic that goes hand-in-hand with the iconic B2Broker design. B2BinPay’s enhanced system security and speed have enabled clients to access a dependable and robust front-end ecosystem. To provide a seamless and organic transition to this improved platform, B2BinPay has kept the key components that users have grown accustomed to. The following features underwent extensive renovations:

Redesigned Wallets And Payments

The redesigned interfaces and faster procedures make it much easier to utilise B2BinPay’s services without any hassle. Additionally, B2BinPay has enhanced the bank withdrawal, exchange, and payment user interfaces, optimising all financial procedures and saving consumers much time. Almost every action within the platform can be conducted swiftly and in minutes.

Overhauled Account Menus With Additional Security

B2BinPay has enhanced the account administration interface’s security and usability. Managing API access, establishing preferences, and personalising client profiles are all made simple by the new Account Menu. Adding two-factor authentication (2FA) raises the overall security even further. The Payment Page has also been modified to adhere to the new, user-friendly design approach, offering a convenient and secure way to conduct transactions.

Limitless Invoicing Period

With the removal of the seven-day merchant invoice expiry restriction, consumers now have greater freedom and choice in monitoring their invoices. With this update, companies can set the invoicing cycles to perfectly fit their business operations and workflow periods.

Enhanced Customer Support

Quick access to multilingual support within a well-defined schedule has significantly improved the Helpdesk user experience. It’s now easier than ever to stay in the loop regarding your helpdesk tickets with the new sticker alerts for incoming messages.

Rates UX Revisions

The Rates UX now boasts improved favourites and filtering options. Furthermore, the wallets section now offers rates as part of a top-level menu, enhancing user access and control of currency rates.

FATF Travel Rule Compliance

In all critical metrics, B2BinPay is committed to maintaining the highest regulatory compliance standards within the industry. To ensure adherence to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Travel Rule criteria, B2BinPay has partnered with Notabene, an established provider of travel rule solutions.

The FATF Travel Rule is a regulatory framework that mandates acquiring and exchanging personal information in crypto transactions to prevent money laundering and other illicit actions. Fund transfer originators and recipients must disclose specific personal information about themselves to Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). This rule is necessary to identify activities that could be tied to illegal funds.

Final Takeaways

Businesses can conduct crypto transactions overseas easily, securely, and efficiently thanks to B2BinPay, the leading cryptocurrency payment platform. The platform’s primary goal is to provide users with convenient, secure and diverse options to transfer cryptocurrencies.

B2BinPay is all about creating a one-stop solution for crypto owners, giving them every bit of utility and functionality they need without hassle. The v18 update was designed to be a significant step toward fulfilling this mission, enhancing the platform’s accessibility and security for its customers.






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