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Over the past month, the Solana (SOL) blockchain has witnessed a significant increase in the number of Web3 games, coinciding with the growth in its native token’s value. A report by Game7 in 2023, titled “State of Web3 Gaming,” highlights the rise of crypto games in the Epic Games Store – from just 10 in January to a striking 69 by October.

Solana’s gaming ecosystem now proudly hosts over 125 games, ranking it as the fourth most utilized blockchain for game developers and the foremost non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chain. This diverse collection includes genres from sci-fi MMOs to fantasy pet battlers, displaying the network’s versatility in gaming.

Solana remains the largest non-EVM ecosystem of Web3 games

Despite being second to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is preferred by 74% of blockchain games, Solana’s virtual machine has gained notable traction, accounting for 10% of the market. As we have previously reported, “Solana remains the largest non-EVM ecosystem of Web3 games.”

Games on Solana

Highlighting major games on Solana, Star Atlas is a standout – a sci-fi MMORPG in development using Solana for tokens and NFTs. Its early access footage reveals an enthralling universe filled with advanced spaceships and futuristic characters. Even after the game’s studio downsized by 73% in July, development has continued, evidenced by a playable demo for Star Atlas NFT holders released on the Epic Games Store in September 2022.

Aurory, a fantasy RPG reminiscent of Pokémon and the Matrix, initially launched its NFTs and AURY token on Solana but plans to extend to Ethereum’s Arbitrum network. Its RPG expansion, “Seekers of Tokane,” will soon be available on the Epic Games Store. Another interesting game, Yaku, supports both Solana and Ethereum blockchains. It’s a dystopian sci-fi social metaverse game currently in early access on the Epic Games Store, with plans for gradual development over the next five to seven years.

Additionally, Chain Crisis, a cyberpunk shooter set in Warpgate City, and Angelic, a sci-fi RPG with various modes, are upcoming games on the Epic Games Store. Angelic raised $10 million, avoiding “pay-to-win” or “play-to-earn” models, and features optional NFT elements on both Solana and Ethereum.

Solana’s Most Valuable NFT Collection

In the NFT domain, Solana has seen remarkable growth with its top project, Mad Lads, witnessing a 122% increase in a week. This PFP project now stands as the network’s most valuable collection by floor price and market cap, with a significant spike to about $5,750 (100 SOL). Mad Lads even momentarily overtook DeGods in value, marking a significant moment for Solana enthusiasts. As reported by publication Decrypt, Coral’s co-founder Armani Ferrante views Mad Lads as filling the void left by DeGods.

Moreover, Mad Lads has shown impressive trading volumes, ranking third among NFT projects in the past week, as per CryptoSlam data. This surge is attributed to Solana’s momentum and Coral’s exclusive early access offer to its upcoming Backpack exchange, which recently received a license to operate in Dubai.

Solana’s blockchain is evolving as a significant player in the gaming and NFT space, backed by a growing number of engaging games and high-value NFT projects. This progression highlights the network’s potential to shape the future of digital gaming and digital collectibles.

Solana’s Strength

Over the past month, Solana’s native token SOL has witnessed a surge of over 140%, exceeding Bitcoin (25%) and Ethereum (26.5%) during the same timeframe. This past Tuesday, SOL added another $12 to its value, reaching $68, following Cathie Wood’s, the CEO of ARK Invest, comments that Solana is now faster and more cost-effective than Ethereum.

Solana stands out as a likely successful project in this coming crypto bull market due to its unique combination of high throughput, low transaction costs, and a growing ecosystem. Unlike many other blockchain platforms that struggle with scalability and high fees, Solana’s innovative architecture, which includes the proof-of-history (PoH) consensus algorithm, enables it to process a high number of transactions per second without compromising on security or decentralization.

This efficiency attracts developers and businesses, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of applications, particularly in sectors like decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The robust and diverse range of applications being built on Solana not only demonstrates its versatility but also ensures a steady increase in user adoption, which is vital for the long-term success of any blockchain platform.

Solana’s active and growing community contributes significantly to its potential success. A strong community provides essential support for development, promotes widespread adoption, and fosters innovation. Solana has been particularly successful in nurturing a community of both developers and users, evidenced by the increasing number of active projects and participants in its network.

Additionally, strategic partnerships and collaborations with various entities in the tech and finance sectors have helped Solana in gaining visibility and credibility. It is also recognized as one of the top eco-friendly crypto projects, due its efficiency and its transition to totally carbon neutral. We believe that these factors, combined with the network’s technical strengths, position Solana as a major player in the crypto field.

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